Little Mix Appear On TV ‘Still Drunk’ From The Night Before

by : UNILAD on : 21 Nov 2016 13:48

Chances are, if you’ve just had a big night out, you’ll still be feelings the effects of those 12 Jäger bombs the next morning.


And while most of us would crawl into bed, watch David Attenborough and eat pizza all day, unfortunately the members of Little Mix didn’t have that luxury Sunday morning.

Instead, they were on Channel 4’s Sunday Brunch – and the Internet wasted no time in noticing they turned up a little worse for wear.



Revealing that she’s been partying with bandmate Perrie Edwards, Jesy Nelson said: “I feel right as rain to be fair. Yeah we had a little tipple didn’t we Pez?”

But signs that she may have had more than ‘a little tipple’ began to show when Jesy couldn’t quite remember whether she had eaten. She said: “Did we eat? Oh we did we had a McDonald’s a 4 O’clock in the morning, not good for the diet, but needed.”

It goes without saying that hangovers take your life and soul out of you, so it wasn’t entirely surprising when slicing a baguette in half proved too much for Jesy.

But not everyone was impressed:


When host Tim Lovejoy teased that she was still drunk, Jesy exclaimed: “No! Would you stop that already!”

Either way, drunk guests always make for more entertaining shows. Can’t say this tops Jesy’s Jamaican accent, though.

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