Live Stream Suggests Ubisoft Could Be About To Announce Far Cry Primal


Ubisoft are currently live streaming a picture of a cave painting, promising that big news is on the way.

As far as PR stunts go, this is actually a pretty cool idea. At least it would have been, if IGN Turkey hadn’t already all but confirmed the big news. They published – then quickly removed – a tweet about the mysterious Far Cry Primal.

NeoGaf/ IGN Turkey

According to Kotaku, Far Cry Primal has been a name banded around for a while, and will be an ice age spin-off from the main franchise – much like Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon – with Far Cry 5 still some way off.

If previous Far Cry games are anything to go by, you can probably expect lots of bow and arrow action, heavy melee combat with clubs and ancient versions of the game’s staple wildlife. We’re talking sabre-toothed tigers, woolly mammoths and mega-bears people. It’s also been suggested the game will involve warring tribes at the heart of the action.

Keep your eyes on the livestream below, as something is bound to happen on it sooner or later…

We’ve reached out to Ubisoft for comment on the live stream and Far Cry Primal.