Liver And Kidney Failure Hits Lord Ashcroft Hours After ‘Pig-Gate’ Book Is Published

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Just hours after Lord Ashcroft’s book, containing details of the ‘pig-gate’ scandal, was published the Tory peer was rushed to hospital with life-threatening illnesses.

Ashcroft was hit by liver, kidney failure, and septic shock on September 22, forcing him into intensive care for 18 days to recover.

The Conservative billionaire co-authored the book behind claims David Cameron put his nob inside the mouth a dead pig at a debauched party during his student days.

The illness struck shortly after ‘Call Me Dave’ was serialised by the Daily Mail and the controversial claims were rapidly circulated.

The 69-year-old was unable to attend a promotion party in Westminster last night as the news was broken to stunned attendees, including Nigel Farage.

Ben Pruchnie

Lord Ashcroft, whose situation was further complicated by his diabetes and internal bleeding, had a speech read in his absence where he addressed the controversy surround his book.

The speech read:

As you will have just seen, I have been a little pre-occupied for the past four weeks. I haven’t, of course, set foot in the UK since my illness but I am reliably informed that my book has caused a little bit of a stir.”

His recovery continues in America and according to a news report out of Belize Ashcroft is “out of danger”.

One for the conspiracy theorists among us to enjoy.