Logan Paul Almost Dies In Horrific Skydiving Incident

Logan Paul Vlogs/YouTube

Logan Paul has shared dizzying footage which shows just how close he came to meeting his demise during a skydiving incident.

The 22-year-old internet personality was forced to cut away his main parachute after it failed to open.

Fortunately, the blue reserve parachute opened and worked just as it should, allowing the divisive YouTube star to drift back to earth unscathed.

Although this was Paul’s seventh jump, it was his very first time jumping alone.

Logan Paul Vlogs/YouTube

Logan revealed his brush with death over Twitter, alongside a photograph of his empty skydiving pack:

here’s a photo of my empty pack after i had to cut away my main parachute bc it didn’t open

i can tell you — the feeling of the blue reserve parachute opening & functioning properly was miraculous

this has never happened to another student before at this school. LP lives on.

The video, entitled The Day I Should Have Died… (Skydiving Accident), begins awkwardly, with Paul muddling up the names of two skydiving suit experts before proceeding to bellow obnoxiously about his love of selling merchandise.

There is then a mild high point where his admittedly cute Pomeranian dog makes an all too brief appearance. At one point Paul describes himself as being a ‘geek for koi and fish’ and throws a pumpkin on a trampoline.

As someone who is relatively unfamiliar with Paul’s back catalogue – aside from his inhumanly insensitive footage in the Japan’s Aokigahara Forest – I admit I was tapping my fingers waiting for the incident itself.

But then Paul began to open up about his frightening experience, and things got interesting:

This was my first time jumping alone, this is my seventh jump. My instructor has jumped 2,000 times – she has had to cut away [her parachute] like twice.

Your main parachute takes three to six seconds to open. I go to pull the rip cord, and it gets stuck in this little square shape. About four seconds later, it still has opened.

You are in your mind next to death. You’re walking the line.

Logan Paul Vlogs/YouTube

He later said of his miraculous survival:

The Maverick lives to fight another day, I’m still here.

You can check out the footage for yourself below. But seriously, fast forward past the first ten minutes if you are not a teenager with a ‘random’ sense of humour:

People had plenty to say about Paul’s latest antics. Many of his fans were relieved with one fan tweeting ‘I pray to God from the bottom of my heart that keeps u save [sic] and happy.’ Another said, ‘That’s super scary! Glad you made it!’

However, there were followers who have not forgotten some of the callous behaviour Paul has shown in the past, and reacted with anger. On person said, ‘You mean the day the world was almost free of your lunacy? Stop these publicity stunts.’

Another sarcastically remarked, ‘Thanks YouTube for making a no talent asshole a celebrity.’

I am glad Paul escaped with his life, and can only hope – had this ended in tragedy – there wouldn’t have been some loudmouthed vlogger waiting around to film and laugh at his lifeless body.