Logan Paul’s Brother’s ‘I Lost My Virginity’ Video Gets Huge Backlash

by : UNILAD on : 02 Jan 2018 21:40
Jake Paul/Twitter

Logan Paul’s brother, Jake, has seemingly taken some of the heat off his brother who caused a serious media storm this week.


Jake Paul has gone and posted his own controversial video, having clearly not learned any lesson from his brother.

He himself is a well-known YouTube vlogger and considering his account is meant to be ‘family friendly’ a video titled ‘I lost my virginity’ was probably not the smartest of moves:

To make matters worse, the thumbnail featured a semi naked man – possibly Jake, can’t tell – being straddled by a woman in just her underwear.


The post was actually about him going skiing for the first time, so, bit of advice, maybe you should have just gone ahead and thought about leading on that instead? Never mind.

Here’s the video:

With eyes firmly on the Paul brothers this week, it was a dumb move and people quickly reacted.

One person wrote on Twitter:

Jake Paul released a video with the title ‘I lost my virginity’.

I’m so sorry for your viewers/ child viewers boi but just to get some views and made it as a clickbait? [sic]

Oh god, Jake Paul you’re disgusting.


In case you’ve somehow managed to miss Logan’s insensitive behaviour, let me fill you in…

He and his crew travelled to Japan, filming themselves venturing through a forest at the base of Japan’s Mount Fuji, a place which is otherwise known as ‘Suicide Forest’.

During the 15 minute video, the crew came across the body of a man hanging from a tree after the deceased, who remains unidentified, appeared to have killed himself.

Logan Paul/YouTube

After the tragic discovery – which the crew were obviously going out of their way to find – Logan turns the camera on the body and zooms in as the police are being called.

The video, which wasn’t monetised, was intended to ‘raise awareness for suicide’, he’s since claimed.

So as you could probably imagine, Logan has received a huge amount of backlash for his insensitive portrayal of the tragic aftermath of suicide, which has reached the point of epidemic in Japan.

As well as a lot of backlash, including comments from well-known actors, a Change.org page has been set up, petitioning for YouTube to delete Logan’s account – At the time of writing it’s received more than 115,000 signatures.

Which means it’ll probably come as no surprise he’s announced he’s taking a break from making videos as he’s ‘taking time to reflect’.


Yeah, probably for the best, Logan.

Of course, judging by the comments, his fans were showing support of their ‘idol’, with some saying how ‘devastated’ they were at the break.

Jynx Zebra wrote:

Logan you take as much time as you need seriously. You’re an inspiration not just to me but 15 million other people.

However, others were fuming at the idea people were sticking up for him.

One person wrote:

All of you defending this dude are such a joke. He’s an adult with a popular YouTube channel. He should know uploading a video regarding a sensitive topic and THE BODY ITSELF was going to cause a huge backlash.

It’s the internet, he should’ve been smarter than that.

Please remember: If you’ve been affected by any of these issues, and want to speak to someone in confidence, please don’t suffer alone. Call Samaritans for free on their anonymous 24-hour phoneline on 116 132.

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