Logan Paul’s Suicide Video Wasn’t Only Disturbing Part Of His Trip To Japan

Logan Paul/YouTube

Logan Paul has come under even more fire after more clips from his trip Japan show him being racially and culturally offensive and using Tokyo as his ‘playground’.

In fact, in the video, it seems he was being completely disrespectful to absolutely everybody he saw.

In the latest clips, you see him throwing PokeBalls at Japanese people, harassing people with a fish and some squid, dropping his pants, before he proceeds to buy a Gameboy, where he then breaks it in the street and then makes an attempt to return it  using racist language.

Logan Paul/YouTube

Last week, the Youtube vlogger was forced to apologise after a video he published showed the body of a suicide victim.

Rather than do the sensible thing and switch off the camera and not publish the video, for some reason, Logan decided to zoom in on the body and even made jokes about it.

Claiming the video’s intention was to ‘raise awareness for suicide and suicide prevention’, Logan has since apologised for his actions and announced he’s taking a break from social media. Good.

So just as I hoped he’d go away, this second video emerges and it’s all coming back again.

Here’s a compilation of clips from his Japan trip:

In one of the clips he says:

I swear Tokyo is just a giant playground. Maybe it’s not? Maybe I should stop? Probably not.

Yeah, well, probably you should have.

As is understandable, he’s now received even more backlash, with one person writing:

It’s very obvious he was disrespectful at the same time creators who argue that have used his behaviour to mainly complain about strikes and money. Which is just as disappointing.

To use your platform for good in this situation one would think to call out our own military.

One person commenting under his video said:

Do not come to Japan anymore.

After Logan received a huge backlash online, Twitter user, Libby, has now exposed the full extent of his ‘despicable’ actions saying he showed no respect by filming a vlog in what’s essentially ‘a renowned mass grave’.

In a thread on Twitter, she wrote:

Logan Paul, a wealthy white American man, walked onto hallowed ground to film a vlog and bank off the – spooky – suicide forest, and then laughed as he traipsed through what’s essentially a renowned mass grave, even as he came across a human body.

Men and women who had parents, siblings, and children of their own, people like you and me walk into that forest feeling as though their lives truly weren’t worth living, feeling so broken down by the world that they couldn’t go on and killed themselves.

The fact Logan Paul followed in their steps for a vlog, to make money, on top of the many millions he already has AND LAUGHED at the sight of a dead person, who was feeling so low they KILLED themselves – it’s deplorable. It is DESPICABLE.

If you’ve been affected by the issues in this article, please don’t suffer in silence – the Samaritans are available, 24 hours a day on their free phone number, 116 123.