Logan’s Opening Weekend Breaks Box Office Records

20th Century Fox

It’s good news for Wolverine fans as Logan hit cinemas this weekend to some pretty damn staggering box office figures.

In the U.S, the James Mangold directed movie is set to record the biggest opening day for an R-rated film in March with estimates of $32 million (£26m), reports The Independent.

According to Deadline, Logan – which stars Hugh Jackman – who has recently beaten cancer for the sixth time – and Sir Patrick Stewart is well on track for takings of an eye-watering $79.8 million (£64.9m).

Check out the trailer here:

If things continue as they are, this would be the second best performer for the Wolverine franchise after 2009’s X-Men Origins: Wolverine ($85m) – the first of the spinoff franchise.

It has been widely stated (including by Hugh himself) that this is likely to be Jackman’s final Wolverine film after playing the role a total of nine times over the last seventeen years.

20th Century Fox

Logan’s success comes pretty hot on the heels of last year’s ‘adult’ superhero super hit after Deadpool – starring Ryan Reynolds – achieved unprecedented global success.

It’s not clear yet whether Logan will match the mammoth takings of Deadpool but who knows, after the global box office figures roll in and the weekend draws to a close there could well be a new man in town…