London’s First Shop For Homeless, Crack And Cider Is Open


Two women from London have opened the capital’s first shop for the homeless.

Scarlett and Charley were moved after speaking to a homeless man, who claimed people did not give him money, because they thought it would be spent on ‘crack and cider’.

They then decided to open a shop to help, aptly named Crack and Cider.

Basically, all you have to do is pop in and buy items like clothing, that will then be given to homeless people.


The shop is on Kingsland Road, and opened on the 5th of this month, with items having a 50%-100% mark-up on wholesale prices.

This is to cover costs and buy more stock, with the girls trying to keep their costs as low as possible, to enable them to give as much to the homeless as they can.

The shop is open for seven weeks, with everyone donating their time for free, and has already raised £1,000.