Long Island Train Conductor Finds Bag Full Of Diamond Rings Worth $100,000

by : Niamh Shackleton on : 26 Apr 2021 11:20
Long Island Train Conductor Finds Bag Full Of Diamond Rings Worth $100,000NBC New York

A Long Island train conductor found a bag filled with a whopping $100,000 worth of diamond rings on a train. 

While many will have been tempted to keep the goods, Jonathan Yellowday did the right thing and helped get the expensive jewellery back to its rightful owner.


Yellowday discovered the 36 diamond ring settings while working on Thursday, April 22, on the 6.11 train from Penn Station to Port Washington, and it’s safe to say it wasn’t your usual lost luggage.

See the conductor discuss the surreal discovery here:


Recalling the ordeal, the conductor told NBC New York, ‘It almost didn’t seem real. I thought, this can’t be what it seems.’


Eventually it came to light that the rings belonged to a jeweller who had been on the train earlier and accidentally left the expensive goods when he’d got off at their stop.

Despite not wanting to be identified, the jeweller issued a comment to NBC New York out of gratitude for Yellowday’s actions. They told the news outlet, ‘I started searching the house, I thought I brought it home. I started retracing my steps and remembered I left it on the train.’

NBC New York NBC New York

Luckily for the jeweller, by the time they’d realised their faux pas, Yellowday had already turned the jewellery into the Metropolitan Transport Authority (MTA) at Penn Station, where it was later arranged for the jeweller to come collect the bag.


Yellowday said he knew straight away what he should do upon discovering the ring settings, and added that his mother would have told him to do the the same.

The conductor of eight years said, ‘[My mum] said, you know what, good karma is going to come your way. She’s a very religious person, and she’s all about what you put out there comes back to you.’

As well as being in the good books with his mum and the jeweller, Yellowday received a commendation from Long Island Rail Road (LIRR) President Phil Eng, NBC New York reported.

NBC New York NBC New York

The jeweller will also treat Yellowday to a craft piece to wear.

While the conductor didn’t keep the diamonds he discovered, one guy who dug up a jewel worth $80,000 in December in India did as it didn’t appear to have an owner. The man used the life-changing amount of money to buy land and also treated himself to a motorcycle.

Ok, while he may have been lucky enough to keep the diamond, did he get a commendation from the LIRR’s president?

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    Bag Full of Diamond Rings Worth Around $100,000 Found Aboard LIRR Train