Looks Like Sam Pepper Has Some Bad News For Us

by : UNILAD on : 25 Feb 2016 12:16
Sam pepper/Instagram

It looks like our celebrations may have been premature, as internet douche-bag Sam Pepper now looks set for a return.

After purging his entire social media presence, Pepper has now returned with a 20 minute video saying he’ll be ‘real, honest, and 100 per cent himself’ – that’s not really selling it very well, to be honest.


He explains that he filled his prank channel with completely faked videos in an attempt to keep himself relevant with the exploding scene of YouTube pranksters, reports The Daily Dot.

During the video he says:

Everything moves with a trend. You don’t wear clothes that were in fashion three years ago, you wear current things. That’s the same with my YouTube channel. I wanted to get views. I wanted to get money. It’s my job.


Pepper said he followed those trends, and came up with a ‘bullshit story’ about him doing a social experiment. He denies the rape allegations that have been made against him and explains the logic that led him to doing the ‘murder prank’.

Sam Pepper/YouTube

He emphasised that the video was fake and an attempt to get views:

I’m putting forward a character I’ve created that doesn’t give a fuck. I’m not thinking about that. I’m thinking about the views. It’s stupid.


Peoples’ response to the news of Pepper’s return has been mixed to say the least:



At the end of the video Pepper asks his 2.3 million viewers for a second chance:

I’ll prove to you that I can make content that represents me as a person.

I’ve been an idiot. I want to change my content. Honestly from the depths of my heart, I want to do this as my job but I want to do this right.

We’ll see.


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