Lorry Driver Freeing ‘Migrants’ From Back Of Truck Captured On Film

by : UNILAD on : 29 Oct 2016 11:39

A video of a lorry driver helping five ‘suspected migrants’ out of the back of his vehicle has gone viral for all the wrong reasons.


The clip, which was filmed from a vehicle behind the truck on the A282 near the Dartford Crossing, starts with a man opening the truck’s rear doors before five people climb out.

The man heard during the clip commentates on the situation as it unfolds, saying: “Oh, my fucking god” as the first man jumps out.

The door then opens even wider and a woman is helped out of the vehicle, before another of the suspected migrants appears to help a second woman out. A fifth and final man climbs out as the lorry driver closes his doors.


The man concludes: “I’ve never seen nothing like it in my fucking life”.

And of course, because we’re now becoming an extremely anti-immigrant nation, it’s prompted a bunch of Daily Mail-esque outrage online, bar one commenter.

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Kent police later reported that the suspected migrants are yet to be found.

KentLive reports that the traffic department for El Mosca, the major Spanish transport company that the lorry belongs to, said the driver was unaware that the men and women were on board.

They added that the lorry did not stop before Calais and that it has passed all controls and scanners twice.


Maybe, just maybe, if we just helped the amount of migrants that we originally pledged to do so they might not resort to taking such a risky and illegal route into our country.


Just a thought.

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