Google Chrome Has A Secret Game And This Is How You Play


Have you ever googled something and lost Internet connection halfway through?

Most of us have, and it’s incredibly frustrating.

Luckily for those of us with a constant shoddy Internet connection or those on the move, Google has secretly put a little addictive game into its Chrome browser that could ease the pain.

If your Internet cuts out when you’ve lost your mobile or WiFi connection, you can play a hidden endless running game offline, The Mirror reports.

The game’s character is something you might recognise – the T.Rex that shows up when Chrome can’t connect to the Internet.

It looks something like this:

CaptureGoogle Chrome

Tapping on the T. Rex will load the Flappy Bird-style game while your Internet is down – and your only goal is to avoid hitting cacti.

The T. Rex jumps by hitting the space bar – but don’t fret if you hit an obstacle, hit the game-over refresh icon and you can start over.

Like most games, as the speed increases, the game gets harder – and a high score tracker keeps a record on your progress.

The game – which you can play on your mobile browser or desktop – has been around for a few years now, but it’s hidden well enough that its worth a little reminder.

This game is absolutely crucial for when the Internet goes down. You never have to be bored again.