Louis Theroux Set To Return To Our Screens With Two New Documentaries

by : Tom Percival on : 17 Mar 2016 11:45

The always brilliant Louis Theroux is returning to BBC Two for a pair of documentaries which are expected to air later this year. 


The two documentaries will take an in-depth look at alcohol addiction and brain injuries, The Independent reports. For the first Theroux will be spending time at King’s College Hospital getting to know patients struggling with alcoholism and its devastating effects.

Meanwhile for Brain Injury (working title), Louis will be investigating the issues affecting an estimated one million people in the UK living with the long-term effects of a brain injury. He will also spend time with staff and service users at the Brain Injury Rehabilitation Trust.


Adam Barker, BBC Two Channel Editor, said:


BBC Two is delighted to welcome Louis Theroux back to the channel with a set of films covering British subjects with his usual penetrating documentary gaze and commitment to unpicking complex human dilemmas with highly sophisticated filmmaking.

Later this year, Theroux will also release his second documentary looking at disgraced children’s entertainer Jimmy Savile for the BBC.


Previously, the filmmaker made When Louis Met Jimmy, a documentary that showcased a darker side to the notorious presenter but failed to uncover any of the sexual abuse claims that dramatically came to light in 2012.

According to the BBC the new doc will attempt to understand the personality of a man who was able to commit such a spectrum of sexual crimes; how someone he once called a friend used his celebrity status to commit these crimes; and how the power of this public image afforded him immunity.

Louis told comedian Richard Herring on a podcast last year about his concerns over Savile’s dark side.

He said:


I think none of us wants to believe that someone we know is a sex offender… I knew when I was making it there was his sexual side that I had not fully understood.

We’re sure these latest documentaries will be as incredible as Louis’ earlier work.

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