Love Island ‘Millionaire’s’ Luxurious Lifestyle Exposed As ‘Fake’


Warning: What you’re about to read may be so cringe, it’ll make your face hurt.


Love Island’s Jonny Mitchell has had his seemingly lavish lifestyle completely exposed as ‘fake’.

There are all the ingredients – allegations of rented apartments and fake designer watches, his car is actually his dad’s car and he has been recycling holiday photos.

According to The Sun, ‘friends’ have exposed the truth behind his Instagram posts, which depict a glamourous lifestyle.

Check out the show’s most controversial moments:  

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A source said:

Jonny isn’t a millionaire. His Instagram profile isn’t a true representation of his life.

The white Mercedes-Benz pictured on his page belongs to his dad and the apartment is rented from Airbnb.

He posts a lot of ‘throwback’ pictures from exotic holidays which gives the impression that he’s always abroad.

But in reality the snaps are taken from a few holidays that he spent with his ex-girlfriend. Most of his designer watches are fakes, he barely works and the majority of his time is spent in the gym.


Dinner with a view. The colosseum looks pretty decent too ?? ??????. #rome #italy #colosseum #dinner #aromarestaurant

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A little present from me, to me ?? #Cartier #roadster #chronograph #watch #love

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According to The Sun, official documents reveal Jonny’s own companies have ‘failed to generate major profits’.

They wrote:

One business, Shopaeon Limited, reported losses of £9,554 last year, while his other business JM Care (Essex) Ltd is currently in the process of being wound up after suffering similar fortunes.

Next stop: sunshine, beaches, cocktails ????☀️☀️☀️☀️✈️✈️✈️ Au revoir ??

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If this is true, it has to be one of the most embarrassing things I have ever encountered.