‘Lucky’ Is The Lone Survivor Wombat After A Group Of Drunk Men Slaughtered Her Family



At least ten wombats were deliberately run over and killed in Kangaroo Valley, New South Wales. One baby wombat, who is now named Lucky, survived the drunken hit-and-run attack. 

Officers were called out to camping grounds in Kangaroo Valley near New South Wales twice over the weekend where a total of ten wombats were found dead.

Witnesses said they saw a group of men drinking heavily before allegedly mowing down the marsupials at the campsite.


Camper Matthew Thorn has said “I watched through the window of the tent and I saw a male driving a car off the road onto the grass where the campers were. I saw the headlights of the car change direction dramatically in which he did a doughnut and collided with a tree.” 

“He continued back down the road and I heard the thump when he hit a wombat,” Matthew added.

President of Wildlife Rescue South Coast, Richard Woodman, attended the scene following the rampage. “I can’t believe that people go round killing for sport or thrill. It’s inconceivable,” Mr. Woodman told the Sydney Morning Herald.

The one baby girl who survived the attack has been named Lucky. She will be in care for at least a year until being released back into the wild.


Wombats in the area grow up to 1.3 metres long and weigh up to 36 kilograms. Kangaroo Valley is a popular tourist spot and the website indicates it’s a popular wombat spot too.

“Wombats come out for breakfast just on dusk and are often seen grazing by the road sides at night,” the website says.

The website also states that people should please drive slowly to avoid killing the beautiful animals.

An investigation is underway and New South Wales police are appealing for any further witnesses to come forward.


Whether you’re an American dentist killing with a rifle or an Aussie bogan killing with your car, this shit is absurd and unproductive to say the least.