Macaulay Culkin Reveals Devastating Reason He Quit Hollywood


Macaulay Culkin has opened up about the abuse he suffered at the hands of his father, Kit Culkin.

The former child star attributes the ‘mental and physical’ abuse to suffered as the reason for quitting Hollywood prematurely.

In a new interview with Marc Maron on his WTF podcast, Culkin said his parent’s separation following the release of Richie Rich – his final child acting role – was ‘one of the best things that ever happened’ because he ‘was able to actually walk away from the business.’


He said:

I even wanted to take a break for a while and eventually I was like ‘I’m done guys, hope you all made your money because there is no more coming from me’.

Culkin added how his father would tell him: ‘Do good or I’ll hit you’ and his abuse stretched ‘across the board.’


At the age of 15, he took his parents to court over his $17 million fortune, successfully removing them as legal guardians.

In a revealing interview given in 2016 to The Guardian, Culkin previously discussed his mental health and spiritualism, saying:

I try to figure out what makes me happy – and not in a superficial way. I keep my soul fit. I know enough to know I don’t know.

I was raised Catholic, so there’s a lot of guilt. We’re born with original sin. Since I was told that, I’ve been trying to come up with even more original sins, that’ll really blow my priest away at confession.

I’m very much at peace lately. I can debate with people and my heart rate never changes.


As for his band, The Pizza Underground:

It’s one of those good ideas you have when you’re drunk and you wake up and forget about it. But we’re taking it to the end of the joke.

We have an album coming out, a vinyl pressing with a children’s choir, a symphony orchestra. We’re giving it away, our gift to the world.

Of course I find it funny! We rhyme mushrooms with mushrooms, come on. It’s the same joke, relentlessly. Like, they’re really doing this?

Today, the actor enjoys life away from both Hollywood and his father.