Mad Max Launch Trailer Marks Release – All Four Movies Available On Steam


mad max launch trailer

You’d be forgiven for thinking that Metal Gear Solid V had officially won the video game industry, but Warner Bros Games and Avalanche Studios have released another game today – and Mad Max looks awesome.

If you’re suffering from a lack of post-apocalyptic tomfoolery in your life and Fallout 4 feels just out of reach, then Warner Bros Games have you covered in the form Mad Max. If that weren’t enough good news, Steam have also announced that all four Mad Max films are going to be available for download through the online store – that’s Mad Max, Mad Max 2: The Road Warrior, Mad Max: Beyond Thunderdome and Mad Max: Fury Road.

The launch trailer has been uploaded to coincide with the release of the game, and gives some background on Max and his world.

To celebrate, Max’s car – the Magnum Opus – has been driving around London all day because why not?

The game is not connected directly to the blockbuster Mad Max: Fury Road, and instead focuses its gameplay on open world vehicular destruction, feral fisticuffs and Mad Max being a general bad-ass.

Mad Max is available now on Playstation 4, Xbox One and PC. Magnum Opus sold separately.