Madonna Humped And Spanked Katy Perry On Stage Last Night, Obviously



It’s becoming as consistent as corruption in FIFA, and as unsurprising as a Drake music video becoming a worldwide meme. Yep, I’m talking about Madonna’s provocative stage antics.

The now 57-year-old is still at it, and her latest on-stage love interest is Katy Perry, who this weekend turned 31-years-young.

Madonna brought Katy Perry out at her Rebel Heart tour concert in Los Angeles last night, proceeded to bend her over, spanked her, scolded her, then handed her a banana. As you do.


Anyway, the internet had a field day with it, and as you’d expect, so did YouTube. There are already a f*ckton of videos of the moment, because watching a concert through your phone screen and not your eyeballs is actually a law nowadays.

Especially at a Madonna gig, where literally anything can happen, and nobody is safe…