Mads Mikkelsen Has Revealed Who He’s Playing In Rogue One: A Star Wars Story


Mads Mikkelsen’s risked assassination by the Star Wars spoiler inquisitors and revealed who he’s going to be playing in the first Star Wars anthology film. 

It goes without saying that this articles going to dive deep into spoiler territory so if you want to go in to the film completely unaware turn away now, but if you’ve been seduced by the quick and easy way to film knowledge press on.

Mikkelsen’s already revealed that he’s not playing a bad guy in the movie, but Empire magazine reports that he’s in fact the father of Felicity Jones’s rebellious Jyn Erso.


 The Danish actor said:

I read the script and it was very beautiful and Felicity is playing this lovely, strong woman and I play her father.

His exact name is still a mystery but with the way naming conventions go in the Star Wars Universe he could be called anything from Colin Erso to Dov-De-Dredshran.

giphy (77)

What we do know however is that Erso Sr is estranged from his daughter, who according to the trailer was on ‘her own since the age of 15’.

Interestingly the use of the word ‘beautiful’ may imply that things weren’t bad between daughter and dad, leading us to speculate what happened between the pair that made Jyn rebel.

Considering her criminal record we can guess that she’s not a fan of the Emperor’s regime, could the family have fallen out over the Republic and the Empire?


Director Gareth Edwards only finished filming on Rogue One: A Star Wars Story last year, and post-production is well under way.

 Rogue One will tell the story of brave rebels stealing the plans for the Death Star and is dues in cinemas on December 16.