Mafia 3 Already Has Lengthy (And Hilarious) Glitch Compilation Video



Mafia 3 is a game that attempts to tackle some weighty issues – but these might well be undercut by the fact that the game seems to be riddled with ridiculous glitches. 

Despite having only been out for a few days, there are already enough glitches for one player to have easily put together a seven minute compilation that will delight anyone who hasn’t picked up the game yet, but enrage anyone who finds themselves stuck with it.


The glitches in the below video really run the gamut – from classics like randomly clipping through the ground to your death, to some new surprises, such as a man who vanishes into thin air when hit with a car, and brushing against a van resulting in instant death.

I think my favourite though, just has to be the mirror scene. Protagonist Lincoln Clay takes a good long look at himself in the mirror, and what looks back ain’t pretty.

I imagine everyone involved in the development and quality control stages of Mafia 3 have had similar experiences recently.

I’ll have to wait till I get my hands on Mafia 3 to see whether it’s a good game or not, but this early evidence isn’t great.