Mafia 3 Trailer Takes A Violent Tour Of New Bordeux


We’ve seen a lot of Mafia 3 trailers before now, but this one might just be the most extensive, detailed – and violent. 

The latest trailer is framed as an interview in 1971 between the US Senate Select Committee on Intelligence and John Donovan, the CIA handler for Lincoln Clay (the star of Mafia 3). 

In it, Donovan recounts the events of the game (set two years earlier in 1969) and talks us through the diverse open world of New Bordeux.

nologomafiajpg-73e6e7_1280w2K Games

True to form, this latest trailer is another piece of fantastic marketing from developer Hangar 13 and publisher 2K Games. Mafia 3 just looks, feels, and sounds like a classic gangster flick.

As Donovan goes through the numerous districts that we’ll be exploring in the game, we’re treated to a glimpse of each one’s dark underbelly.

I should warn you that the below trailer really isn’t safe for work – there’s a lil bit of nudity and a shit ton of violence – more than we’ve seen in any Mafia 3 trailer yet.

Either they’ve packed every single instance of gangland violence into this trailer (which I very much doubt) or Mafia 3 is set to be one very grisly, very awesome game.

We’ll find out when it launches on October 7 for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC.