Magaluf Council To Ban One Of The Best Reasons To Holiday There


Authorities in the popular mates’ holiday destination Magaluf want to rein in bad behaviour on notorious boat parties in the resort.

The booze cruise parties are highly popular with young Brits getting wrecked at sea, but now chiefs in Majorca plan to follow Ibiza’s lead and issue fines for drunken behaviour on the £50-a-head trips, according to the Sun.

The government hopes to establish a law that means party boats will have to meet the ‘same legal requirements as bars, restaurants and clubs’.

The Majorca Daily Bulletin (which makes for interesting reading!) said:

There is a legal vacuum when it comes to the regulation of party boats and which therefore prevents sanctions being taken against drunkenness in the same way that they can be in resorts.

However, this is about to all change.

One of the changes to be made is that there will have to be a registration of a tourist activity.

The government will therefore be amending the tourism law in order to put a stop to the booze cruises which adversely affect the image of some resorts, Magaluf being one.

Another new law established in Maga means that the noise level in bars and restaurants must be kept below 60 decibels.

60 decibels is the noise level created by an average conversation.

If the volume in bars reaches above 65 decibels, a sound limiter will be triggered which automatically mutes the volume in response – so there’s no avoiding it.


Wonder how much will be made off drunken boat party behaviour this summer then!