Magaluf’s Mayor Comes Up With Ruthless Plan To Deal With Pissed Brits


Thinking of booking that booze-fuelled trip to Maga any time soon? You might want to think again because guidelines are about to come in to curb the fun.

That’s because new mayor Antoni Noguera has vowed it will be the ‘last year of madness’ in Magaluf.

He says he will ‘ruthlessly deal’ with people who make the place a ‘tourism of drunkenness’ and he even referred to tourists from Germany and the UK as ‘scum’. Ouch!


He said:

It is only this minority we don’t want. It is the tourism of drunkenness.

Yes, I called them scum. But I want to relativise it a bit. Most Germans are decent, civilised and friendly.

They come here because there is a travel offer based on excessive alcohol consumption. This focuses on 200 to 300 metres at Playa De Palma.


According to the Daily Star, tourists will be given a strict list of rules which they must adhere to, or face a hefty fine apparently, oh dear.

And don’t think you’ll get away with anything by booking all inclusive either, because hotels near the main strip have also been hit with limits on around-the-clock serving.


Mr Noguera added:

We have now spoken with the entrepreneurs to isolate these types of hotels. We also talked to the venues and asked them to reorient their business.

We will adopt more restrictive guidelines, which should be in force next season. This type of tourism must be isolated and have an end.

Well, it was fun while it lasted…