Majority Of People In UK Support Cannabis Legalisation

by : Cameron Frew on : 08 Apr 2021 14:30
Majority Of People In UK Support Cannabis LegalisationRian (Ree) Saunders/Flickr/PA Images

The majority of people in the UK support the legalisation of cannabis, according to a new poll. 

Amid sweeping legislation across the US, with Virginia being the 16th state to vote in favour of recreational marijuana, the prospect of decriminalising the drug has made its way across the pond.


While you’ll likely be waiting a while for the Tories to legalise cannabis, a recent poll has found the majority of the UK public to be in support of it.

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YouGov asked 3,317 UK adults, ‘Generally speaking, to what extent would you support or oppose the legalisation of cannabis in the UK?’

Between strongly supporting and tending to support, 52% responded in favour, with 32% opposing and 15% saying they didn’t know.


London Mayor Sadiq Khan recently pledged to have experts ‘examine the latest evidence from around the world’ to see whether decriminilisation would benefit the capital and country at large. Khan wouldn’t be able to introduce new legislation, but he could inform the policing in London to back off low-level drug offences.

As per LBC, the Prime Minister Boris Johnson’s Press Secretary Allegra Stratton said, ‘Policy on controlled drugs is a matter for UK Government and there are no plans to devolve this responsibility. The prime minister has spoken about this on many occasion – illicit drugs destroy lives and he has absolutely no intention of legalising cannabis, which is a harmful substance.’

She added, ‘Sadiq Khan, the mayor of London, will know that the policy on controlled drugs is a matter for the UK Government. It’s not a matter for his office.’


This comes despite many studies and reports showing it to be beneficial to both the economy and criminal justice system. It’s a long-standing belief among typically right-leaning lawmakers that it’s harmful enough to warrant illegality, when alcohol and tobacco are proven to do more damage.

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