Man Absolutely Stunned As Mysterious Blue Object Appears In Sky


This is the mindboggling moment a petrified man feared that an alien craft was about to land right in front of him.

This bizarre and unexplainable encounter took place in California just a few days back and has left Internet users utterly mystified.


As you can see, the footage shows what appears to be a bright blue light hurtling through the air with a plume of smoke drifting behind it.

The man behind the camera can be heard saying:

Whoah, I don’t know what that is. It’s probably a spaceship man. What the hell is it. What the fuck. What the hell.

An unseen friend of the cameraman adds that it’s probably a missile test, a claim which many Internet users agree with.

The camera man’s main issue is with regard to the light that the object appears to be carrying and omitting.

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