Man Accidentally Kidnaps Himself And Gets Arrested In The Process


A sheriff’s deputy was forced to rescue a man from his own car after he fell into the boot and became locked inside.

Monroe County Sheriff’s Deputy, Seth Hopp found the man at around 9.30pm on Wednesday, while responding to a report of a suspicious vehicle, the Sun Sentinel reports.

The 1997 Lincoln Continental was found with all of its doors open, and ‘a knocking coming from the closed trunk’.


Hopp demanded whoever was knocking to ‘come out’ and 32-year-old Rob Moore was forced to reply that he couldn’t, only jumping out when Hopp opened up the boot.

Moore told the officer:

He was looking for the keys to the vehicle and had accidentally fallen in the trunk while searching for the keys. The trunk then closed on top of him.

Moore was charged for marijuana possession after a pill bottle containing the drug was found in the car and later driven home by his mother.

A Monroe County Sheriff’s Office spokesperson said:

Certainly these are unusual circumstances, but we have no reason to believe it happened in any way other than what he described.