Man Allegedly Hacked Off Friend’s Penis For Most Messed Up Reason


A man who cut off his friends penis has been sentenced to 16-years imprisonment, and it is feared that he wanted to sell it on the black market. 

Back in 2014, 34-year-old Phulamazira Kang’ombe was arrested for hacking off his friend’s penis as he walked home from a local pub in Malawi, reports the Mirror.

Despite the attack being savagely vicious, the victim, Chimwemwe Madeya, miraculously survived.

In fact, the only reason Kang’ombe was caught was because he was carrying the severed penis around with him, and friends were so shocked about the stench coming from his pocket they decided to search him.


Though it is not entirely known why Kang’ombe cut off the man’s genitals, it is speculated that he was planning to sell them.

Malawi is a country which has been plagued by a ‘high demand’ for severed genitalia, as witch doctors are in constant need of them.

When Kang’ombe was being sentenced, the prosecutor said that the victim was young and will now be unable to have children.

In 2013 alone, four men were arrested and given 26 years in prison after they were caught trying to sell male private parts for £16,000 on the black market.

Well that’s me not going to sleep tonight…