Man Arrested After Carrying Two Guns Into Gatwick Airport

Michael Jarvis/Twitter

The North Terminal at Gatwick Airport was evacuated earlier today after “a Frenchman” approached the easyJet check-in desk armed with two guns, it has been reported.

After being challenged by staff, he ran from the North Terminal to one of the airport car parks before throwing one of his guns in the bin.

Police and airport staff continued to give chase, before he was found with another gun strapped to his body and arrested shortly after.

Eyewitnesses say that armed police screamed ‘get down, get down’ before he was was restrained and Sussex Police went on to confirm the evacuation of the airport, whilst Twitter users claimed that a ‘lockdown is in progress’.

Hundreds of holiday-makers were asked to leave Gatwick Airport’s North Terminal after they believed a suspicious item was found just before 10am this morning.

It is believed that evacuated passengers were moved to the Sofitel hotel near the terminal – where they received teas and coffees as bomb squads arrived on the scene. But passengers were said to be ‘frustrated’ by the lack of information provided by the airport staff police.

This evacuation came just hours after at least 128 people were killed in a series of terror attacks in Paris.