Man Arrested For Scanning His Penis At Self Service Checkout

by : UNILAD on : 26 Jun 2016 13:13

A guy has been arrested after allegedly scanning his penis at a self service checkout.


It is alleged the suspect, 31-year-old Christian Fisher walked into the Quality Food Center market in Seattle, placed his ‘old chap’ on the self-service scanner and then called over a female checkout worker ‘to help’.

According to The Mirror, his actions didn’t go down too well with the woman and police were called after a co-worker walked over to ‘see what the issue was’.


The police report says: 


The suspect’s penis was resting on top of the scanner’ and that the suspect was laughing and did not make any attempts to stow away his blatantly exposed genitalia.

Fisher allegedly fled before police arrived, but then – for reasons best known to himself – returned to the scene of his crime several hours later and was confronted by workers who recognised him from the earlier incident.


Police say Fisher ignored demands for him to leave the store and then got into a scuffle with security guards trying to escort him off the premises.

He was arrested nearby and when told what for, reportedly became upset and shouted: “I didn’t whip my cock out.”

His ‘unexpected item in the bagging area’ has left him facing both indecent exposure and assault charges.

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  1. The Mirror

    Man arrested after 'putting his PENIS on supermarket self-service checkout till and scanning it'