Man Arrested For Smearing Bacon On Muslim Family’s House And Car

by : Daniel Richardson on : 13 Jul 2021 10:30
Man Arrested For Smearing Bacon On Muslim Family's House And CarABC 13 KTNV

A 58-year-old man has been arrested after he allegedly smeared raw bacon on a Muslim family’s home in Las Vegas.

On June 21, Ricky Uwich called the police about his neighbours, saying they were ‘constantly’ bothering him. When Las Vegas police officers responded, Uwich complained that his neighbours were Muslim and accused them of being terrorists.


When the unnamed family were contacted by officers, however, they said they had made attempts to befriend Uwich and even cooked for him. Nonetheless, Uwich still had a grievance and had claimed they broke his chandelier, despite never entering his home. The family also revealed text messages that accused them of molesting a juvenile who lives with Uwich.

Urwich Hate Crime (Las Vegas Police Department)Las Vegas Police Department

The Muslim family noted that Uwich’s behaviour had worsened since they moved in at the start of the year. Aside from the messages, there was also footage from their Ring doorbell camera that seemingly showed Uwich smearing uncooked bacon on their door, doorknob, handrails and wall two days earlier.

Throughout the footage, Uwich is heard swearing and using profanities. After the incident, uncooked bacon was also found on their car.


Muslims do not eat any pork, as the Quran prohibits it, there is also the belief that it is unclean. As a result, the mother of the family involved told 13 Action News, ‘I do think he definitely hates us and he’s trying very hard to makes us feel uncomfortable, but yeah, I do believe is a hate crime.’

The family were visibly upset by the incident, noting that their home now felt dirty. They also expressed fears that Uwich will begin behaving violently towards them.

The police have also considered the incident a hate crime and have arrested Uwich on these charges. Given the actions of Uwich, the authorities concluded the incident was motivated by the religion of Uwich’s neighbours.


When Uwich was confronted about his alleged crimes, he stated that he did not like Muslims and admitted to smearing bacon because, he said, he believes Muslims perpetrated the 9/11 attacks.

Despite the actions of their neighbour, the family have told reporters that they forgive Uwich for the incident.

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