Man Arrested For Spiking Children’s Halloween Treats With Razor Blades


A man in Connecticut has been arrested after children’s trick or treat snacks were spiked with razor blades.

Jason Racz was arrested on Thursday after multiple parents complained their kids had found blades in their baskets of sweets.

Shakira Santiago was one of the mothers who made the heinous discovery. She took to Facebook to warn other parents what their children may be about to find.

‘Wow Parents BEWARE! WATERBURY Hopeville neighborhood!!’ she wrote. ‘Found two razors in my sons basket. I feel like going back to each house we went to, wasn’t many either.’

Man Arrested For Spiking Children's Halloween Treats With Razor BladesPexels

She continued: ‘Lucky he didn’t cut his finger and I checked everything. People are so malicious.’

Fortunately, no one was reported to be injured as a result of a spiked sweets, according to WKRG’.

After being arrested, 37-year-old told police the blades had been accidentally spilled into the candy bowl he had been using.

After investigating, police determined a three-year-old who was living in the house had access to the sweets, however they’re yet to reveal whether they believe the toddler was to blame.

Racz has been charged with risk to injury to a minor, reckless endangerment and interfering with a police officer.

He’s currently being held in a police station with a bond of $250,000 ahead of an arraignment hearing.

Meanwhile, two trick-or-treaters in Ohio reported finding razor blades hidden inside candy wrappers.

One of the people found a blade and cut their finger while sorting through their sweets. They were forced to go to hospital for stitches. Fortunately, no one else reported injuries.

Both of the people who found the blades had gone trick or treating in the same neighbourhood in the Cincinnati suburb, according to reports in CNN. While they know what area the tampered candy came from, they were unable to decipher which house it could’ve been.

Police are now urging parents and children to be mindful of the potential risks of picking up less than savoury ‘tricks’ while out trick or treating this year.

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