Man Attempts To Pick Up Girlfriend From Jail Using Stolen Truck

Tempe Police/Twitter

So when you are due to head to a building full of cops it is advisable you don’t commit any crimes on the journey. This guy did not get that memo.

It has been reported by Tempe Arizona police that a man who was on his way to pick up his girlfriend from jail didn’t think his method of transport through entirely.

As he drove to collect her the license plate of his truck was spotted by police, and he was soon in custody.

According to azcentral he was spotted as he passed a police building.

Lt. Michael Pooley was reported as saying:

A patrol vehicle’s license-plate reader alerted officers to the stolen truck as it drove past police headquarters near Mill Avenue.

They even took to Twitter to troll the guy for his lack of thinking.

Allegedly he has tried to convince police he was just borrowing the vehicle. That is a much nicer way of putting theft I suppose.

His fate has not yet been released by police who are continuing to investigate the matter.

I wonder what his girlfriend will say when they do see each other?