Man Attempts To ‘Relieve Constipation’ By Inserting An Eel Into His Anus

by : Jade Dadalica on : 31 Aug 2021 17:52
Man Attempts To 'Relieve Constipation' By Inserting An Eel Into HimselfShutterstock/Lizhi Video

A man almost died after inserting a 20cm eel into his rectum in a strange attempt to ‘relive constipation.’

In July, after attempting the old ‘folk remedy’ that claims an eel will help with bowel movement, the man from Xinghua, East China, nearly lost his life after the eel moved from his rectum to the colon and chewed through it, accessing the abdomen.


The unnamed man went straight to the hospital with his issues as he was initially  ‘too shy’ to visit the doctor. Surgeons removed the still-alive eel but informed the man he could have died from hemolysis, which occurs when red blood cells are destroyed after bacteria from the large intestines reach the stomach.

Man Attempts To 'Relieve Constipation' By Inserting An Eel Into Himself (Guangdong Television)Guangdong Television

Although, this isn’t the first time the bizarre ‘old folk remedy’ has been tried out. Last year, another Chinese man tried the same method by inserting a 16-inch eel into his behind. The eel allegedly tore through the man’s intestines, died, and then became lodged in his abdomen for a week.  The eel had to be removed in emergency surgery, and the man was badly infected. He was, however, released a few weeks later.

Another man tried to hide his tracks by claiming a fish ‘slid into’ his rectum when he accidentally sat on it after hospital staff found an African carp within his stomach.

Man Attempts To 'Relieve Constipation' By Inserting An Eel Into Himself Guangdong Television)Guangdong Television

Despite a few incidents of people attempting to relieve constipation by inserting an eel into their rectum, there is no evidence to back up the traditional folk treatment and the method can prove fatal.

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