Man Bites Off Estranged Wife’s Nose For Not Answering His Calls


Some men say it with flowers, others with a song, but one man in China has chosen to demonstrate his unresolved feelings with an act of horrifying rage that will leave his victim scarred for life.

On the 6th September, a man entered his estranged wife’s place of work, grabbed her and proceeded to bite her nose off and swallowed it, if local reports are to be believed.

The shocking incident occurred in the Chinese city of Dezhou and has left the woman requiring extensive surgery to completely rebuild the appendage as the entire thing was devoured.

The woman, who has been partially identified as one Ms Yang, alleges the couple have been separated ever since her husband tried to sell their child so that he could support his grandchildren from a previous marriage.

She refused and the pair went their separate ways, your typical break-up story.


But the husband would repeatedly ring Ms Yang, and it apparently filled him with an uncontrollable rage when she did not respond.

What makes this disturbing act of violence even worse is that it took place the following day. The man went to bed, and woke up again still so mad that the attack remained a logical option in his mind.

The accused man is now being hunted by police.