Man Catches People Robbing His House In Broad Daylight


World’s dumbest criminals or just extremely cocky?

An audacious group of burglars in Vegas got alot more than they bargained for after ransacking someones home in broad daylight. Air Force veteran Brett McCann confronted the group and captured their escapades on film.


The footage, recorded on Mr McCann’s phone, spots four men leaving his neighbour’s house in a bit of a hurry to say the least, before he points his gun towards them.

He was made aware by the attempted burglary after his neighbour Margaret Mueller – whose security cameras in her home activated an app on her mobile to say intruders were inside – called police and Mr McCann who lives across the street.


She told News3:

I just started shaking and crying. I just couldn’t believe they were in our house. I couldn’t believe it was broad daylight, that they felt they could do this.

You’re not wrong there, you’ve got to have some pretty big bollocks to do this in the middle of the day or lacking a few brain cells.

One man jumps in the back of a truck while another tries to hide his face from the camera after they spot the former soldier with his gun raised.


Mr McCann said:

I got about the mid-street when I finally realised what I was getting myself into, and the adrenaline hit me. I was watching their hands, looking at their movements, making sure they weren’t coming towards me. Making sure they didn’t have any weapons.

Local police commended Mr McCann’s bravery, but not surprisingly they didn’t recommend others to follow suit…


Lieutenant Randy Sutton said:

Those are professional burglars. If you get caught for one burglary, the chances are you did 60 or 70. I applaud that neighbour for coming out and getting that video, which will solve that crime. To approach four suspects like that is exceedingly dangerous. He could’ve been killed.

But asked if he’d do the same thing again, Mr McCann said: “Yeah, absolutely.”

The incident took place in Las Vegas in the U.S. and the footage has been viewed online millions of times.