Man Comes Up With Cunning Way To Stop Neighbour Stealing Newspaper


Neighbours can be an absolute nightmare at times, but Reddit has provided a clever solution to a frustrating problem; having your newspaper nicked.

The topic was raised as “How To Get Your Neighbors To Stop Stealing Your Newspaper” and some of the suggestions are great.

They range from place photo’s of the thief in the paper so they have to stare at their own face to cover pages in cat shit, which is kind of cutting your nose off to spite your face unless animal faeces is your bag.

But the best answer so far is so simple that it is frankly brilliant, and it keeps you out of the litter tray.

Sick of repeatedly losing his daily paper one man crept out early, lined the pages with an excess of baking powder, and hoped the result would sufficiently ruin the thief’s day to the point they’d think twice in future.

Now there is no hard evidence of how events unfolded, but I think it is fairly safe to assume the combination of gravity and fine powder succeeded as the conspirator’s paper has supposedly been safe ever since.

Some people pointed out glitter could be used to similar effect, but a safety conscious prankster noted that in some rare cases glitter may cause blindness.

You can follow updates on the Reddit thread to see if any other ingenious plots are hatched, or if you are a thief, to serve as a warning of what could await you.