Man Cycles To France To Buy His Wife Her Favourite Coffee


Many people would not even cycle the short distance to a local supermarket purely to appease a loved one’s caffeine craving, but one man has set the bar high. Very high.

70-year-old David Pedlow noticed that coffee stores were running low in the Pedlow household, and as it was his wife’s favourite brand David sprang into action.

One slight hitch, Jackie Pedlow’s favourite cup of java is ‘Grand Mere’, and it is only available in France.

But no minor detail like crossing international borders was going to stop David, despite not even having a car.

With four wheels out of the question David hopped onto his new bike and began cycling from their Plymouth home to catch an overnight ferry to Roscoff, France; a near 250 mile round-trip.

Once across the Channel there was no point messing about. David loaded up with 30kg of Grand Mere at a cost of roughly £120 before returning to England on the evening ferry.

Jackie Pedlow said of her doting husband’s travel:

I didn’t go with him because I’m not a good traveller, particularly on the sea.

I would’ve had to take tablets and it takes me a couple of days to get over taking just one of them.”

That’s what I’d say too if I was asked to cross a sea for the sake of a cuppa, but fair play to David, I hope he remembered the milk.