Man Discovers Wife Is Pregnant In Viral Video That Definitely Isn’t An Advert


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One husband has become a viral sensation after surprising his wife with the news that she’s pregnant, in a video that definitely isn’t an advert for a pregnancy test.

The extremely polished video has racked up over 4 million views in just 24 hours after YouTube vlogger Sam managed to “pull off the seemingly impossible.”

Sam, who is a professional on pregnancies, already knew that his wife was up the duff before she did, and after some sterling detective work in which he stuck his hand in their toilet to collect a urine sample, he managed to prove his theory correct. Obviously.


Excited to reveal the exciting news to his wife, who definitely wasn’t waiting for said revelation in the other room, he bursts out of the bathroom with the positive test, much to the delight of his children.

It’s seriously heartwarming stuff, and is definitive proof that all men should stick their hands down their loo to surprise their wives and girlfriends more often.