Man Does Something Unbelievably Grim At Bus Stop In China


Some, well, disgusting footage has emerged of man taking a shit while waiting at a bus stop. Really. 

The extraordinary clip, eloquently titled ‘Man shits while waiting for a bus’ shows, quite simply, a man doing exactly that.

The man can be seen dropping his trousers, squatting down and appearing to curl out a turd while waiting for a bus in Lanzhou, in China’s Gansu Province, reports the Mirror.

The man seems pretty unconcerned about the whole situation as he calmly puffs on a cigarette as one by one the people standing around him silently – and understandably – cross the road.

A few look back in bewilderment at the sheer shamelessness of the act but thankfully the clip ends before it reaches its ‘inevitable’ climax.

Whether or not the video is a prank or a genuine act of public indecency is unclear but since it was first uploaded to LiveLeak, it has been seen by just over 13,000 disturbed viewers.