Man Kicks Cat After Pretending To Stroke It

Man Drop-Kicks Cat After Pretending To Stroke ItProtect_Wildlife/Twitter

The RSPCA are investigating disturbing footage of a man drop-kicking a cat in an attempt to identify the thug.

In a video shared by the Protect All Wildlife Twitter account, a man in sportswear, trainers and a baseball cap is seen coaxing the cat towards him for a stroke before turning to face the camera, grinning, and then kicking the helpess feline away.

Ricky Gervais is among many to have shared the video, during which someone can be heard laughing, in an attempt to catch the culprit(s).

Man Drop-Kicks Cat After Pretending To Stroke ItRicky Gervais/Twitter

Not mincing his words, Gervais simply wrote: ‘I can’t decide the best punishment for this dirty cunt.’

Protect All Wildlife accompanied the video of the animal assault with the entirely apt text: ‘Please RT. Let’s find this oxygen thief!!!’

The original tweet has been shared over 15,000 times and the video has been viewed 2.35 million times at time of writing.

RSPCA England and Wales replied to the tweet, saying:

Thanks for tagging us – this has been reported and will be looked into. If you have further information regarding this please report to us on 0300 1234 999 – thanks.

People have unsurprisingly been sharing their shock at this barbaric act believed to be filmed in the name of social media likes.

Many have refused to share the video out of disgust.

Broadcaster and former Hollyoak, Gemma Atkinson, replied:

What an absolute Prick!!!! Sincerely hope him and his little video mate are found and have the same done to them. In fact, I’d happily pay to do it to them myself!

One person replied, saying: ‘I can’t unsee this & it’s made me feel sick to my stomach- I hope this gets retweeted by everyone & the guy & his videoer get the kicking they deserves.’

Another wrote: ‘I hope he will be found and then kicked like this for several hours. Such a shame for mankind.’

One person noted: ‘Certainly not a man.’

Man Drop-Kicks Cat After Pretending To Stroke ItProtect_Wildlife/Twitter

If you have any information that can assist authorities in their search for the perpetrator, please do offer it through the appropriate channels.

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