Man Faces 20 Years In Jail For Sending His CV To ISIS

Christoper Warren ClarkNBC News/YouTube

An American man has been arrested after sending his resume and a cover letter to so-called ISIS because he wanted to ‘see exactly what the group was about’.

Warren Christopher Clark was captured by US-backed forces in Syria earlier this month. He was arrested and charged for attempting to provide support to the terrorist group and faces up to 20 years in prison.

Federal prosecutors announced indictments that charge Clark with ‘attempting to provide himself as material support to ISIS’.

Clark, formerly a resident of Sugar Land, Texas, made headlines in February 2018 after researchers at George Washington University’s Program on Extremism published the cover letter he had written to the terrorist group.

In it, he said he was hoping to get a job teaching English to students in areas that had been seized by so-called ISIS.

Clark, 34, told NBC News:

I wanted to go see exactly what the group was about, and what they were doing.

Of course I saw the videos. I think with the beheadings, that’s execution. I’m from the United States, from Texas. They like to execute people, too. So I really don’t see any difference. They might do it off camera, but it’s the same.

Clark, a former substitute teacher, has been contacted by the FBI, but said he does not know what will happen next. He also maintains that he never fought for the terrorist group, and was detained by them after refusing to take up arms.

He added:

I was in living in Mosul at the time, and I needed a way to support myself.

I wanted to learn more about the ideology. I’m a political science major, global business minor. I like politics. I like travel, world events. That’s what I wanted to do.

Clark had previously lived in Saudi Arabia, Mosul and Turkey, and joined so-called ISIS in 2015 after crossing into Syria at that time. He was captured earlier this month in Syria, by the US-backed Syrian Democratic Forces, and then transferred to the United States.

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