Man Films Shooting Himself In Face


WARNING: Graphic footage

shoot self FBYouTube

The Internet has thrown up some downright stupid social media crazes in its time – from the iron liver challenge to the condom challenge – but we’ve officially reached peak idiocy now that people are actually pointing guns at their own faces.

Yes, that’s right – a shocking new Facebook and YouTube video shows the moment a man willingly shoots himself through his own cheek, swallows the bullet, and then laughs it off.

“Did it hurt bad?” asks the person behind the camera, to which this absolute nutter responds simply, “Yeah,” before noting “Fuck, I don’t give a fuck about nothing anymore,” while spitting out blood.

You can check out the bizarre footage below but, be warned, it’s not for the faint-hearted:

Yeah, this is pretty messed up. As if you didn’t already think that people in the U.S. had a bizarre relationship with guns!

It gets even worse when the guy adds: “Shit, I’m fucked up. Whatever, fuck it. If I die, fuck it!” Because video hits are more important than being alive nowadays, apparently.

And the comments on the video do seem to imply that this is an actual challenge which people are doing on the Internet. Good lord…

shoot self 4Facebook/Kasper Knight

Anyway, after a bit of research, the consensus seems to be that the guy in the video is a bloke called Kasper Knight, a rapper from New Haven, Indiana.

He claims on his Facebook page that he did the whole thing just for a bit of fame. Yep, the world has gone mad.

To be honest, we’re just really hoping that this is a really well done hoax, because the alternative is just too terrifying to even contemplate.