Man Finds 9-Carat Diamond In Soil At Arkansas State Park

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Man Finds 9-Carat Diamond In Soil At State ParkArkansas State Parks

One lucky man was left in tears recently after discovering a large, nine-carat diamond in some soil at a state park. And here I am unable to even find a spare fiver lying around.

Admittedly, the man in question was specifically searching for it in an area known as the Crater of Diamonds State Park, so I can’t really complain. Still, I’m allowed to be a bit jealous, okay?


Kevin Kinard, from Maumelle, Arkansas, came across the diamond earlier this month on Labor Day after visiting the park with some friends – and said he couldn’t believe his luck when park staff told him the significance of his discovery.

man finds 9 carat diamondArkansas State Parks

Despite visiting the Crater of Diamonds fairly regularly since first going there as a child, 33-year-old Kinard has never before found a diamond.

His most recent trip changed all of that though, when he came across a marble-sized crystal while searching in the southeast portion of the diamond search area. ‘It kind of looked interesting and shiny, so I put it in my bag and kept searching,’ he said in a statement.


He thought nothing more of it, assuming it was just a piece of glass or something similar, and continued searching the park for a few more hours. It wasn’t until he and his friends stopped by the park’s Diamond Discovery Center that he realised he might be on to something.

The bank branch manager explained:

I almost didn’t have them check my finds, because I didn’t think I had found anything. My friend had hers checked, though, so I went ahead and had them check mine, too.

man finds 9 carat diamondArkansas State Parks

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After a few minutes, park managers called Kinard into the office and told him he had discovered a diamond weighing more than nine carats. Not only that, but it was actually the second-largest diamond found in the park’s history.

‘I honestly teared up when they told me,’ the 33-year-old said. ‘I was in complete shock… It weighs 9.07, and I found it on 9/7. I thought that was so unique!’ The only diamond found in the park larger than this one is the 16.37-carat white Amarillo Starlight, discovered in August 1975.

Park Superintendent Caleb Howell said:

I always love to see the reactions and excitement of our visitors when they find large diamonds. When I met Mr. Kinard, it was immediately evident that he was shocked and speechless.

man finds 9 carat diamondArkansas State Parks

After registering his diamond, Kinard took it home and has since named it the Kinard Friendship Diamond to honour his friends. ‘We love to travel together and had such a great time out here. It was a very humbling experience,’ he said.

When asked what advice he would give other visitors, Kinard stressed the importance of getting the park staff to check everything, adding: ‘I would have never in a million years dreamed that I had found anything. Always have them check it.’

Well, there you have it. Now if you’ll just excuse me while I go search my local park for any remnants of diamonds. You never know…


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    Visitor Finds 9-Carat Diamond at Crater of Diamonds State Park