Man Finds Stranger In His Bed, Handles The Situation Unbelievably Well


It’s late, dark, and you have just found a stranger lying in your bed, what do you do?

Well when this guy faced that incredibly creepy scenario he just whipped his phone out and recorded the entire exchange.

The intruder is initially quite belligerent when he is woken up, adamant that he is tucked up in his own bed and that the man stood over him is a friend of his brother. He isn’t.

The actual owner of the bed doesn’t treat the unexpected visitor with any disrespect, however.

It is not clear what caused the man to become confused, but when guided into another part of the house he declares that he did in fact used to live in the property.

And he still offered the young lad a bed for the night? This guy is the definition of good-humoured.