Man Fined Because ‘Filthiest Car In Australia’ Had Become Dangerous

by : Cameron Frew on : 21 Aug 2019 13:15
filthiest car in australiafilthiest car in australiaQueensland Police

Whether it be an empty can, a chocolate wrapper or McDonald’s bag, most drivers are guilty of leaving a bit of rubbish in their cars. 


There’s no real rhyme or reason for it: most of the time, it simply doesn’t occur to you to pick up your snacking debris when leaving the vehicle.

Though, there’s only so much sympathy one can have for this Australian gentleman – who was pulled over by the police for driving a skip on wheels.

Have a look at the video from Queensland Police below: 


The car is so messy it’s almost impressive – though the police didn’t feel the same way.

A female officer inspecting the car as her male colleague chatted to the 57-year-old driver noted that ‘the car is full of rubbish’.

The officer said: 

As you can see the gentleman inside the car can’t see anything.

We have got serious concerns about his visibility. He’s got no visibility on sides, no visibility off the rear at all.

filthiest car in australiafilthiest car in australiaQueensland Police

The footage released by Queensland Police shows the Ford Falcon packed with shopping bags, empty cans, water bottles, papers and cardboard boxes.

The driver was pulled over in Brisbane, Queensland, on Saturday (August 17).

One would imagine the police would be more understanding if the circumstances of his lack of visibility were different: for example, he’d been to Ikea and had the car stuffed with furniture, or he was moving house and had dozens of suitcases and bags.

Queensland Police

Alas, it was simply rubbish. The gentleman was handed a traffic infringement notice for two offences: he was fined $311 for driving a vehicle without clear view in all directions, as well as $427 for driving an unregistered motor vehicle, MailOnline reports.

Earlier in June this year, a driver had so much rubbish in his car that he couldn’t get his handbrake on, and ended up crashing as a result of the mess.

Have a look at the pictures of the car below: 

What was the story behind the filthiest car in Australia? Was he an eco-activist who cleaned up a local park? Was it, in fact, an piece of abstract art, like Homer Simpson’s failed BBQ pit? Or, was it simply a car overloaded with rubbish to the point where tidying it is an intimidating task?

I suspect it’s the latter. Keep your car tidy, folks.

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