Man Gets Bottled While Doing The Mannequin Challenge

mannequin-challenge-trollstation-video-735153Youtube/ Troll Station

You wouldn’t think much could go wrong in a Mannequin Challenge as people are largely frozen in action, however this take on the viral trend took a violent turn…

In the phone-footage, a man with a camera goes upto a group of young people and asks if they will be in his mannequin challenge film for ‘a university thing.’ He gets them to stand still, encouraging more people to join the filming.

Unfortunately, one of the guys starts laughing and the man with the camera, orders him to ‘try not to move again.’ He tries to re-take the shot, but the man laughs again, but this time the camera-man is starting to get really angry, squaring upto him, gesturing at how to do it properly.

prank1Youtube/ Trollstation

After two more goes in which the same man moves or laughs, the camera-man does something that shocks the rest of the group.

He grabs a wine bottle and smacks the laughing guy in the face whilst shouting,’ Sorry but I really need this for the morning. You moron.

Everyone around looks on in horror, but the Daily Star reports that what looked like assault is actually a hilarious joke, orchestrated by pranksters, Trollstation.

The same guys that were behind the ‘storming’ of Honey G’s X-factor performance, a woman’s ‘exploding period’ and the ‘killer clown’ prank gone wrong.

Youtube users can’t get enough of Trollstation though, commenting with things like,’Love this. Good prank. Need to do more.’


Haha. I love you guys. Nice one!

As well as:

It wouldn’t be a Trollstation video without someone getting bottled. Haha.


People seem to love their videos, so let’s hope they continue pranking the nation.

I’m just glad that guy didn’t get bottled though…