Man Gets Cheated On And Internet Sides With Her Because He’s So Annoying


I have never sympathised with a cheater before, but this guy’s insufferable personality makes me feel sorry for his ex-girlfriend.

The ‘shaming’ video, in which he aims to make his cheating girlfriend look like a twat, completely backfires and you end up hating him by the end.

He insists a couple of times that he is a ‘savage’, giving a resolute warning:

Don’t fuck with me, don’t fuck with my family and don’t fuck with my heart.

I challenge you to make it to the end of this without breaking your computer:

After following his girlfriend down the street to her car and shouting abuse at her – which is pretty uncomfortable behaviour to begin with – he then continues to film the most irritating selfies of himself, saying just how ‘hilarious’ he found the whole thing.

After he obviously received some bad feedback from his video, the ‘savage’ attempted to back up his weird rant by saying:

If anyone tells me I’m disrespectful, rude, or fucked up. Ey, my mama ain’t trippin’ on it, she fucking laughed and seconded this shit.

Basically, this guy needs to uninstall Snapchat, stop saying ‘savage’ so much, and have a nice long cry.