Man Gets Crushed In Lift Shaft As He Tries To Fix It

Asia Wire

Nightmare footage shows a worker gets rescued, after the lift he was fixing malfunctioned shot up, trapping him upside down between the lift car and the lift shaft.

According to Asia Wire, the unnamed man is from Chongqing Municipality’s Wulong District, in south-western China.

He had apparantly been installing the elevator when the freak accident occurred, wedging him tightly between the two floors of the apartment building.

Caution is advised when watching the following footage:

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While paramedics attended to him, the bruised and bloodied man lost consciousness.

He had been upside down for a long period of time before his rescuers could get to him and the lower part of his body had been crushed by the elevator.

The workman had also lost blood through a cut on his arm, which he had received during the accident.

Asia Wire

Heroic paramedics were able to free the injured worker by expanding the metal structure using hydraulic tools.

The man was laid on a stretcher, placed in an ambulance and rushed to hospital. Thankfully, he is expected to survive what has been a truly traumatic incident.

Asia Wire

Our thoughts are with this man as we wish him a full recovery.