Man Gets Penis Stuck In Wrench, Has To Call Fire Brigade To Help


If there was a list of all the places you’d want your penis to be, I’d imagine stuck in a wrench is pretty close to the bottom of that list.

One man, however, lived out this nightmare scenario when he got his tool stuck in a tool for 17 hours.

As if the pain wasn’t enough of a burden, the gentleman had to ask numerous specialists to help remove the metal object from his nether regions.

After doctors couldn’t help the 37-year-old bachelor remove the wrench, the desperate man called the fire brigade, who came armed with an angle grinder, which was thankfully deemed too dangerous for the delicate escape operation due to the heat generated by the machine.

The unnamed man eventually went to a hospital in Linhai City, China, at around 9.30pm on June 2, nearly a full day after he got his genitals trapped.

By this point his penis was swollen and purple and doctors were stumped.

They had wanted to operate on the man’s genitals to reduce the blood flow and ease his anatomy from the vice grip. But, bizarrely, doctors required the permission of the middle-aged man’s parents to go ahead with the surgery. Unfortunately, his mum and dad failed to show up at the hospital to sign consent forms.

One of the doctors, who has studied a similar case, had the bright idea of calling in an emergency dentist.

Dentists Zhou Gi and Shi Gengsheng arrived on the scene with a dental drill that rotates at 200,000 to 300,000 times a minutes, with an all-important ‘high-pressure water cooler to reduce the heat caused by the drilling’.

The man was freed within a half hour of their arrival.

It is unclear why his penis was stuck in a wrench.