Man Gives Most Chilling Response When Asked If He Murdered His Wife

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This has got to be one of the scariest responses on record of a man discussing the murder of his wife caught on camera. 


Terrifying footage has come to light showing the moment the Merseyside murderer lied brazenly to an interviewer on TV camera and chillingly alluded to his wife’s death, the Liverpool Echo reports.

Murderous Mitchell Quy was so arrogant in his belief that he wouldn’t get found out, he even allowed documentary makers to enter his home to film his life, as he pretended to despair for his wife’s return.

While portraying an ‘innocent’ image of a husband, left waiting for his missing partner and attending TV appearances to plead for information, Quy was hiding the dark and deeply disturbing truth.


In reality, the cold killer had murdered his wife Lynsey, chopped up her body and scattered the dismembered parts around Southport.

Investigation Discovery have just aired their new programme which analysed the killer’s TV appearances, using experts to reveal the ‘tell-tale’ signs that the sinister murderer was lying the whole time.

A clip from the footage shows sadistic Quy lying calmly and smoothly to the interviewer, as he questions him about the murder of his wife.

He said:

I’m not going to answer that. I’m not going to answer that question because I don’t need to.

He chillingly alluded to his future incarceration by saying:

One day we’ll find out what happened to Lynsey.

The killer shockingly adds that ‘he’s not capable of doing these things to Lynsey’ before slamming the interviewer’s questions as ‘stupid.’


The last part is seriously disturbing though, as the interviewer goes in with his final question of ‘did you kill Lynsey?’

To which her husband and murderer replied with a sinister smirk on his face, ‘Wait and find out.’

The interview was filmed during the 18-months after Lynsey’s death in 1998, when her calculating husband teased the police and public before he was finally caught.

Quy was eventually jailed for 17 years for strangling his wife and hiding her remains, along with his brother Elliot who was imprisoned for seven years for his part in helping to conceal the corpse.

Here’s the video of the disturbing clip:

Detective Superindent Geoff Sloan said:

It was a premeditated murder; he intended to kill Lynsey and the way he went about disposing of her body was a callous and I just think cowardly way of committing such a gruesome act and I believe that life should mean life for him.

At present, Quy’s sentence will be discussed by a parole board to determine whether he can be released this spring.

What a horrific incident. RIP Lynsey.

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